LINDY HOP 1 - Beginner
You have no experience in Lindy Hop dancing and you would like to learn dancing from the first steps.

LINDY HOP 2 - Beginner-Intermediate
You can easily keep the pulse of the music and move with a consistent bounce. You are familiar with some easy moves and would like to learn new classic Lindy Hop moves.

LINDY HOP 3 - Intermediate
You are familiar with the common Lindy Hop and Charleston moves and you are able to dance those moves with various partners at mid-tempo music all night long. You would like to learn further moves and options to have more fun with dancing.
Prerequisites for this level are six-count figures (Tuck Turn, Frankie’s Sixes), Swing-Out, Lindy Circle, Charleston Basic and Hand-to-Hand-Charleston. This includes correct footwork, bounce and a basic rhythm. The Intermediate-Class builds up on these Basics.

LINDY HOP 4 - Intermediate-Advanced
You know already many Lindy Hop moves and you are also familiar with Authentic Jazz basics. Thanks to your experience your dancing is fluent and feels good to your partners. You listen to the music and you can adapt moves to the music while dancing.
You would like to learn more complex Lindy Hop patterns or variations, increase the quality of your dancing and become more creative with the Music.

Lindy Hop 5 - Advanced
You have been dancing Lindy Hop for more than 5 years and you are an inspiration for your scene. Your dance is creative with nice musicality and feels great to your partner. You can dance to very slow and to extremely fast tempo music easily with flair. You take Authentic Jazz Moves for an indispensable part our your vocabulary.