Shag Workshop with Kasia & Michal

Dear Swing Fellows,

we welcome you to our second SwingKultur Stuttgart Shag Workshop Weekend!

The workshop will focus on the Shag, that great, dynamic dance to faster music, that might worn your shoes and make you sweat like crazy, but will make you smile and is lots of fun. We guess, it won't need much convincing to get you to register! 

On this page we will gather all important information for you. If something is still missing, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

The Teacher Couple

We are very happy to present Kasia Dybowska and Michał Oblaciński as our teacher couple!

Michał Oblaciński and Kasia Dybowska fell in love with swing dancing in 2005, successfully
launching the Lindy Hop scene in Warsaw in 2009. From the very beginning they spent most of their spare time travelling around the world first learning and later also teaching the happiest of all dances both locally and internationally.
Since they came across Collegiate Shag in 2014 they are spreading their love for it all around Poland and Europe supporting its global revival everywhere they go. Alongside their students and with great support of Arnas and Egle from Vilnius - they started the Collegiate Shag fever in Poland.
On a day-to-day basis Michał and Kasia teach weekly Lindy Hop and Collegiate Shag
classes and run the Warsaw Shag Team dance troupe in their SWINGOUT.PL Swing Dance Studio.
In swing dancing they are looking for a perfect balance of a general dance technique, natural
and functional movement, leading and following skills but also some childish craziness,
musicality, fun and raw energy.

Here you can watch them dancing.


The Venue

The entire workshop including the party on saturday evening will take place at the beautiful venue Kleiner Kursaal in Stuttgart, Bad Canntatt, Königsplatz 1. There is a parc right in front, perfect to chill between the classes. The restaurant just downstairs offers lots of food and drinks. If you wish other food, there is restaurants in walking distance. There is a parking garage and some more parking close to the venue, even though it might not be for free. The U2 or U19 would bring you there as well (Station "Kursaal"). Also accomodation should not be any problem since there are hotels not far away.


The Party

Of course we will have a party saturday night with live band and great DJs! Since we wanna offer everybody a great swing dance night, the music will be made for all swing dances, not just shag. You can find information regarding times, prices and registration further below, information about the band here.


The Comprehensive Guide to Happiness


What to know about the tracks and levels

We offer 2 tracks, the London Bridge and the Shag Out. In both tracks you will work on topics like learning moves, practicing musicality, feeling connection, etc. After a long time of trying to sort classes into certain skill levels handling the drawbacks, as many other communities we believe that it is worth trying to find new ways. To not leave you completely alone with your decision for the right track we can say, that the levels will be somewhere between beginner intermediate and intermediate advanced. So you should at least know the basics of shag dancing and dance shag occasionally at socials and parties. The Shag Out Track will tend to more advanced topics compared to the London Bridge Track. But in both levels the teachers might adjust the contents based on the group. So it is up to you, you choose your track based on your dance experience, modesty and ambition, and honest self evaluation. Please have in mind that other workshop participants are having their own different or similar experiences and that everybody is responsible for creating a comfortable environment in the classes. So choosing the most challenging track might not always be the right decision.


What is when?


When can you register?

We are working on to start the registration on May 31st 2022, 8:00 p.m. Our registration page will go online soon.


How much is it?

London Bridge Track (4,5 hours of classes): 68 € regular/ 54 € reduced*
Shag Out Track (4,5 hours of classes): 68 € regular/ 54 € reduced*
Party with live music: 20 € regular/ 15 € reduced*

*Students and dancers still going to school may pay the reduced price


Are you conviced? Great! Here you need to show up on time :-) ...

Kleiner Kursaal Bad Cannstatt, Königsplatz 1, 70372 Stuttgart