Dear Swing Fellows,


we welcome you to our SwingKultur Stuttgart Balboa Date with Natasha Devyatkina & Olivier Harouard (France)! On this page we will guide you through everything interesting for you and convince you to register! In case we missed something do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

The Teacher Couple

Natasha and Olivier are successful instructors, competitors, performers and festival organizers.

They have won numerous contests and In April 2013 at the Balboa Rendezvous, they were the first European couple to win the title of Champion IBC (International Balboa Championship) in the famous Balboa Pavilion in Newport Beach (USA)! They also placed 3rd at the highest ranked Balboa competition in 2011, the American Classic Balboa Championships. More than competing they enjoy social dancing and sharing their passion with others. 

They compete for fun, but they especially enjoy social dancing and exchanges around the world by sharing their passion with others. Since 2003 their blend of two cultures has been creating an original style of dancing and a very personal style of teaching in all kinds of Swing dancing.

Natasha fills the most complicated step with grace and makes it look so easy. Olivier is one of the best leaders in the world and bewitches each lady with his French charm and esprit. They are permanent students in all styles of dancing and are constantly trying to learn how to improve their skills and way of teaching.


The Venue

The entire workshop including the party on saturday evening will take place at our homebase venue Kulturwerk, Ostendstr. 106a, 70188 Stuttgart.


The Party

We are very happy to have the Linda Kyei Swing Combo for our Party night. Linda has gathered a lot of top-class musicians from the Stuttgart swing scene around her, with whom she has perfected the warm, crackling, intense and always loosely jazzy sound of the good old days. Immerse yourself in the golden era of the 20s and 40s.

Of course you can register just for the party, if you cannot make it to the workshop classes. You can find all other information regarding times, registration and whatnot further down on this page!


The Comprehensive Guide to Happiness

What is when?

What to know about the classes?

We offer 4 classes, split in 2 levels. You can register for each class seperately. All classes will have a different content, so feel free to register for more than one class. But please make sure, that you choose the right level according to your personal experience and abilities.


Shoe Shine I and II (Int to Int/Adv):
You have been dancing Balboa regularly for a good while. You feel comfortable combining basic and more complex steps and figures creatively on your own and you totally feel comfortable with faster tempos with different dancers.


Sugar Foot I and  II (Int/Adv to Adv):
Your Balboa is at a high level and you have been dancing regularly and for quite a while. Basics and variations are no problem for you to fast music. You want to expand your repertoire and work on style at fast tempos. 



When can you register?

The registration for the classes and the party will start here on May 7th, 8 pm. You can register also only for the party, if you do not want to attend classes.

How much is it?

Each Class: 40 € regular / 33 € reduced* per class and person (2,5 h of teaching including a 15 minutes break)
Saturday Night Party with Live Music: 20 € regular/ 15 € reduced*

*We are happy to offer you that discount, if you are still going to school or are a student, if you volunteer in social projects or own the Stuttgarter Bonuscard (or a corresponding card). In case you do not apply to any of these, but are in need of financial support to make the workshop happen, please get in touch with us.

Are you convinced? Great! Here you need to show up on time :-) ...

Kulturwerk Stuttgart, Ostendstr. 106a, 70188 Stuttgart