Well - it's Landy Hop Time again! All of you who know the Landy Hop know what to expect! Everything can happen, from cozy workshop classes and great parties, or holding the old party tent in thunder storms trying not to get completely soaked with water. Anyway, all is fun, and what happens at Landy Hop, stays at Landy Hop!

The Teachers

Elle Brenecki (Australia)

From a young age Elle was already exploring various dance styles from Modern Jazz to Ukrainian Folk Dance. However, when she stumbled upon Lindy Hop in her hometown of Adelaide, Australia, there was no turning back. Committed to fostering individual expression and improvisation in both Lindy Hop and Solo dance, Elle empowers her students to embrace their unique qualities through movement. Her greatest source of inspiration is the conversational nature of jazz and she continuously strives to deepen her connection to and awareness towards the African American roots of the dance and the music.

Joris Focquaert (Belgium)

Joris Focquaert comes from Belgium, and is currently living in Berlin, Germany. While he has a background in physical theater (The Commedia School, Copenhagen, 2007), his road evolved towards dancing and more specifically African-American Jazz dances like the Lindy Hop, and a dance we often refer to as 'Authentic' Jazz, mixed with the Charleston. As a dance instructor, he gives his best, always seeking answers in the roots of Jazz.  Learning to play the clarinet and trombone has developed his understanding of Jazz as movement. Founder of Crazy Legs Dance School in Ghent (Belgium), the city where he honed his skills, he looks forward to seeing what’s there for him around the corner, curious for new projects.

The Venue


The entire workshop weekend happens at the wonderful Zachersmühle!


The Zachersmühle, an old mill, is a place where nature and culture come together and where kids and families are always welcome. An open air dance floor in an open tent, children’s playground just next to it, donkeys, goats, bunnies and a small brook on the other side, something to offer for everyone. During breaks between dance classes, you can enjoy a ‘wild herbs hike’ and discover the nature around. The restaurant in the mill offers dining, the dining times are organized to be suitable for families. There will also be a Tipi set up next to the children’s playground where kids can hide in an unlikely case of nasty weather. The harmony with nature will be perfect if you decide to stay overnight in a tent on a meadow a few meters behind the mill. In a place like this it is very enjoyable and relaxing to stay for the whole weekend. Overnighting on the meadow is free of charge and open air shower is included. Restroom in the mill restaurant can be used.
Welcome kids!! Welcome families!!


Accommodation possibilities: Camping on the meadow free of charge with cold water open air shower possible. Rooms from 20 Eur pro person in the near vicinity. For more information contact Geli Holzer, Zachersmühle: Phone: +49 7166 255, zachersmuehle@zachersmuehle.de


Address: Zachersmühle, 73099 Adelberg (40 km away from Stuttgart). You can find information on how to get there and whatnot on the homepage of the Zachermühle: www.zachersmuehle.de

The Party


Who could be a better match than the lovely Papermoon Swing Combo from Stuttgart. Being the local swing band from the hood, Papermoon is an international crew of early jazz lovers. Lead by the american trumpet player Gene Clark Papermoon played for quite some swing dance occasions already and stands for fun and enthusiasm. Always eager to offer new tunes they will drive the party.

Of course you can register just for the party, if you cannot make it to the workshop classes. You can find all other information regarding times, registration and whatnot further down on this page!


What about classes and all that other stuff?

We put together a bouquet of classes with different topics.


Class 1: "The last Beat" - Dips and Endings (Intermediate and higher)

In this session, we will make sure every dance is danced to the last second, and we can do that in different ways. Depending on the music and the feels, we can end our dance in ways that are surprising and equally exciting for both dancers, just like most Jazz song endings are also usually 'out of the box'.


Class 2: Jam/Stealing (Intermediate and higher)

This Lindy Hop class will focus on the dynamic art of steal dancing and jamming! In this session, you'll learn how to seamlessly transition between partners in a fun and playful manner, known as "stealing." We'll also dive into the world of jamming, where you'll get to showcase your unique style and improvisational skills within a group.


Class 3: Soul train (Open level, not complete beginners)

Join us for this exciting dance class that brings the spirit of Soul Train to the Lindy Hop community. Get ready to slide, spin, and groove as we celebrate the fusion of these two dynamic dance traditions, all while keeping the soulful essence that made Soul Train a cultural phenomenon.


Class 4: "Let's go!" Solo Jazz (Intermediate and higher)

Elle and Joris have cooked up an exciting solo Jazz choreography. We will engage with each other and learn some tricks in how to build your own choreo. Afterwards, we'll blend it together.


Class 5: Creating Steps, Interpreting Steps & Learning from Others (Open level, not complete beginners)

In this Lindy Hop session, we will learn from each other and see how we can make something our ‘own’ vs copying. It's essential in Jazz- and in Jazz dancing, as in music, there exist no mistakes, only variations.


Class 6: Choreo Couple (Intermediate / Advanced)

This class will be focused on learning a fun and dynamic choreography inspired by classic Lindy Hop sequences! This session is designed for intermediate and advanced dancers eager to enhance their skills. You'll dive into some fun choreo and refine your technique while capturing the joyful spirit and rhythm of Lindy Hop.


What is when?


Things to know about the Dinner on Saturday and Breakfast on Sunday

The Zachersmühle offers a dinner buffet saturday evening between the classes and the party and a breakfast sunday morning. You can reserve a "seat" for the dinner and/or the breakfast, when you register for the classes, but you will pay on site at the Zachersmühle during the workshop. So do not wonder if we do not collect the money from you during registration ;-).


When can you register?

The registration starts here on May 23rd, 8:00 pm.


How much is it?

Class 1 - 6: 20 € regular / 17 € reduced* per class and person (1,25 h of teaching)
Party with live music: 20 € regular/ 17 € reduced*

Breakfast: 12 € (Only reservation. You will pay the money on site at the Zachersmühle)
Warm Dinner Buffet: 16 € (Only reservation. You will pay the money on site at the Zachersmühle)

*We are happy to offer you that discount, if you are still going to school or are a student, if you volunteer in social projects or own the Stuttgarter Bonuscard (or a corresponding card). In case you do not apply to any of these, but are in need of financial support to make the workshop happen, please get in touch with us.


Are you conviced? Great! We look forward to welcome you ...