Swingparty with the Bumpy Roof Band

For our big Saturday Night party of the Balboa Workshops we again invited an international band to Stuttgart: Bumpy Roof Band! Enjoy a fabulous night!

Also, there will be a taster class Balboa for beginners.

08:00 pm - 09:00 pm       Free taster class Balboa for Beginners

09:00 pm                         Swing Party

In the beginning of 2015 Juli Aymi and Julien Silvand founded the "Bumpy Roof Band" with all our energy. They met at a Swing festival in Valencia.
With drummer Martí Elias, specialized in Swing and Lindy Hop style, we give the very best of us to have the pleasure to contaminate the audience with our rhythm.
With trombonist Josep Tutusaus the "Bumpy Roof Band" has the typical explosion of melodic jazz trio. Queralt Camps gives with her base the so strong sweetness of the wood to the service of music. And Marc Martín brings one of the biggest jazz feelings you can have with a piano...
"The reason of our association is clear: we know and we appreciate each other, and we want to play music together all around the world!"

Juli Aymi - clarinet, voice
Julien Silvand - trumpet, voice
Josep Tutusaus - trombone
Marc Martín - piano
Queralt Camps - bass
Martí Elias - drums

Also we will have DJ Zazie Métro, who is famous in the Munich Scene, to keep you up to Speed.

Zazie Métro is regularly DJing in the Munich swing scene and occasionally also at festivals in other locations. It is important to her that the music is danceable, varied and of good sound quality - and is in line with jazz. She especially loves hot jazz and the music of the classical swing band era - as long as well danceable - contemporary bands that embody these styles authentically and imaginatively included! For an extra kick of groove and soul she likes to do it with black Rhythm & Blues. Occasional trips to neighboring areas are possible - let yourself be surprised!

Entrance fee: 
evening box office: 15 Eur / reduced* 12 Eur 

Location: Kulturwerk Stuttgart Ostendstr. 106a, 70188 Stuttgart www.kulturwerk.de

*The discount is given to those who still go to school or have a valid student card