SwingKultur Festival - The Workshops

Not only that we invited some of the best and loveliest teachers for Swing dancing around, we also set up a workshop schedule that allows you to take a nice variety of classes and levels. 

All workshops will be held in four nice rooms at the Kursaal Bad Cannstatt which is also the location of the Friday and Saturday Night Party.  

Please note:
Registration opens January 19th, 2020, 9 pm. 
Registration closes on May 3rd, 2020.


Balboa Levels (Teacher: Anne-Hélène & Bernard)

Intermediate and IntermediateAdvanced

For Balboa we set up two levels with interesting and challenging content for intermediate and intermediate-advanced Balboa dancers. Make sure your skills will fit the level! Check out our level description HERE.


Lindy Hop Levels (Teachers: Eglé & Arnas, Anne-Hélène & Bernard, Mikaela & Nicolas)

Intermediate, IntermediateAdvanced and Advanced

Make sure you register for a level adequate for you! Check out our level description HERE. If you choose the wrong level, you and the other workshop participants won't have fun and you won't make progress in your dancing!


Shag Levels (Teacher: Eglé & Arnas)

Intermediate and IntermediateAdvanced

Same holds for Shag, where we also set up two levels. Make sure your skills will fit the level! Check out our level description HERE.


Solo Levels (Teacher: Joris)

Intermediate and IntermediateAdvanced

For the solo classes we have two levels for you. Still, please make sure to carefully read the LEVEL DESCRIPTION.


Special Classes

Afrodance (Teacher: Helen

Helen will be showing you steps from different African countries and aims to create a choreography with you, which everybody can manage. You will be dancing solo and Helen will focus on making you feel easy about improvisation based on the new steps and movements. Feel free - keep the flow - improvise... and feel good!  Or let's say: We look at the African roots to enrich our solo skills - with lots of spirit, fun and energy!

Level: Bloody Beginner, no qualifications required

Slides (Teacher: Arnas)

This is a solo class in which Arnas shows you the magic of sliding around the dancefloor – some really cool moves are waiting for you! You can use them in your solo dance and also enrich your couple dance with them. This class suits you best, if you are in level Intermediate and higher!

Level: Intermediate and higher in Lindy Hop/Solo

Solo Routine (Teacher: Joris)

Joris will work with you on a choreography – a fun and challenging combination of solo steps for dancers in level Intermediate and higher. Joris is known for his passion, creativity and expression in solo dance - he is a great choreographer and a patient teacher who explains things comprehensible and creates doable and fun routines - don’t miss this class!

Level: Intermediate and higher in Solo

Musicality and Improvisation (Teacher: Mikaela & Nicolas)

For all Lindy Hop dancers who want to improve in dancing more connected to the music and being free and creative in their dancing by improvising – this is your class! So grab your partner and register for the Special Class with Mikaela and Nicolas!

Level: Intermediate and higher in Lindy Hop


Workshop pricing

Special Classes including 1,5h of classes: 
22€ (18 €*)

Special Classes including 2h of classes: 
29€ (24 €*)

Lindy Hop Intermediate, IntermediateAdvanced and Advanced including 4h of classes: 
58€ (48 €*)

Balboa Intermediate and IntermediateAdvanced including 3h of classes: 
44 € (36 €*)

Shag Intermediate and IntermediateAdvanced including 3h of classes: 
44 € (36 €*)

Solo Intermediate and IntermediateAdvanced including 4h of classes: 
58 € (48 €*)

* Students and dancers still going to school or holding Stuttgart's Bonuscard (or similar) may pay the reduced price. Make sure to bring your students ID to the check in on the workshop weekend!


Workshop Schedule

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