SwingKultur Festival - The Workshop Teachers

For the SwingKultur Festival 2020 we invited eight great and experienced teachers which are Egle & Arnas, Mikaela & Nicolas, Anne-Hélène & Bernard and Joris. 

Welcome to Stuttgart!


Eglė Nemickaitė & Arnas Razgūnas

Coming straight from the heart of Lithuanian Swing Dance scene, partnered up from the very first dance  Arnas & Eglė are dancing, performing, teaching and inspiring the community in Vilnius everyday. Passion and joy for Lindy Hop & Collegiate Shag gained their name as international instructors in regular small workshops around Europe, specially in Poland, where along with swingout.pl community they inspired Collegiate Shag scene in Warsaw and all over the country. Rich experience in teaching every day classes grants quality and fun with clear explanation of their material by expressing swing music and yourself in it. Arnas & Eglė are the organisers of the one and only Balboa & Shag festival in Lithuania – Swing Paradise.


Anne-Hélène & Bernard

Anne-Hélène & Bernard fell in love with Swing Dancing in 1997….since there, they dance Lindy Hop, Balboa, Blues, Charleston & Jazz Roots almost every day. Because of their special backround (Anne-Hélène is a dancer since she was 7 years old in beallet, modern jazz and contemporary, when Bernard started to be a musician and a sportsman) they have been asked to teach in international workshops all over the world since 2001. Sometimes they participate to competitions and are still the only non-american couple that have won the American Balboa Championship. They run a dance school in Toulouse and are organizing the Studio Hop summer camp.
Check out a video of them here. Also check out the Video from Stuttgart, when they visited us in 2018.


Mikaela & Nicolas

Mikaela Hellsten (Sweden): Mikaela grew up in Sweden with a love for music and dancing. As a child she had a preference for Jazz and Rock'n Roll music with favourite artists such as Ella Fitzgerald and Bill Haley. She discovered the Lindy Hop at the age of 13 and since then her interest in Swing dancing and its music has kept on growing!

Nicolas Deniau (France): Nicolas attended his first Rock'n Roll dance class at the age of 8 and after only one year of dancing he took part in his first competition. This was the start of a long competition career in Rock'n Roll and Boogie Woogie. He was early drawn to the show aspect of the dance which you can still see in his dancing!



Joris Focquaert comes from Ghent, Belgium. He discovered the Lindy Hop in Copenhagen when he was studying at the Commedia School for mime & physical theatre. Working with the art of clowning, he takes this to his jazz dances & dance performances. In his classes, Joris tries to share his best of ideas. He is one of the starting figures of swing dance school 'Crazy Legs' in Ghent and vernacular jazz dance troupe 'The Dipsy Doodles'. 


Helen Yeboah

Helen has been dancing Hip Hop since more than 15 years and since 2012 she has been teaching this discipline at several dance studios. Her roots are in Ghana and that way she also brings the african culture to the dance floor. The dance Afro she has now been teaching for 2 years. Her classes are characterized by her loving, caring, energetic and funny nature. Her motto: " You're part of the family, as soon as you enter my class!". As dancer, Helen is beeing booked for numerous acts even as professionell backgrounddancer. She dances for international stars as Rita Ora, Nikeata Thompson, Iggy Azalea...