SwingKultur Festival - Food and Drinks

Dancing hungry and thirsty isn't much fun, so here you can find out about possibilities to eat and drink during the festival. 


Culinary Tour

Make sure to check out our Supporting Program, also for the Culinary Tour on Friday at lunch time.

At the Workshops

On Saturday and Sunday, there will be affordable snacks and drinks available throughout the workshop classes at the venue. Also you can check out the Kursaal's Restaurant, they will have a variety of quick and yummy lunch options.

At the Parties

At the Wednesday Party in the Kulturwerk there will be a bar open all night. You will also be able to grab some little snacks there.
At Eliszi's on Thursday there also will be a bar providing refreshments for you. This old circus caravan also holds the posibility to order some warm food, like waffles or tarte flambée.

If you would like to have a nice dinner before or while the Friday or Saturday Party, we can recommend the Kursaal-Restaurant within the main Festival location. You can book a table for you and your friends calling +49 711 99777241. 
At the parties on Friday and Saturday there also will be snacks available when you are getting hungry from dancing. Also, the Coffee Bike will provide energy in one of its most delicious ways. And, of course, the bar will be open all party long...