SwingKultur Festival - Event Overview and Time Schedule

For the SwingKulturFestival 2020 we put together a very nice program of things we love and we hope, you will love, too. 

We will get started with our usual weekly Swinging Wednesday - but this time with live music! The Iris Oettinger Swingtett will get you going. Make sure to enjoy the first Festival party. Also, it is free of charge!

On Thursday we will show you around Stuttgart in a special way - we organized a guided tour in an oldtimer bus for you. Later we will continue with another smaller party at a special venue. Upfront there will be a taster class Tap Dance. Then Blusette will play for us at the beautiful Eliszi's Jahrmarktstheater. If the weather plays along, it will be outside, otherwise in a beautifully decorated circus tent. This is the second treat we will give you for free!

To get started this day, we will discover the district around the festival location and its lovely food places on our own feet. The afternoon will be filled with a couple of Special Classes, leading you off your well known paths. Gentlemen & Gangsters and Carolina Reapers Swing will roll the first party in the main location Kursaal Bad Cannstatt. At this party, we will welcome our teachers for the weekend. There will also be a free taster class!

On the weekend we will have the main workshops, see our seperate detail schedule. Before the Saturday party starts we will offer two different tasters. One for newbies where you can bring all your friends to get into Lindy Hop and one focusing on musicality with Anne-Hélène and Bernard together with Gentlemen and Gangsters.
At the Party itself there will be again two bands for one night! The Swing Shouters and Gentlemen & Gangsters will swing your feet until dawn and believe us, they won't stop playing until the floor is packed with crazy dancers and spectators. Besides we will have some astonishing show acts.  

Nope, it's not over, before the traditional Sunday party took place. Back to the roots, the Kulturwerk will host our final party again and Laney and the Snappy Rhythm Gang will make you forget, that the next day will be Monday…  

This is the schedule for the Festival weekend (click to enlarge):
For some stupid technical reason we cannot display the table in higher quality on this site. Here is the tabe in higher resolution.