SwingKultur Festival - The Bands and the DJs

For each of the nights, we have invited magnificent Swing Bands and wonderful DJs to move your feet. 


Wednesday Night: Iris Oettinger Swingtett


Thursday Night: Trio Bluesette features Helga Freude (Germany)

The four virtuous musicians on violin, guitar, accordeon and upright bass play for dancers in the tradition of Gypsy Swing with lively arrangements. Sweeping american, french and italien swing tunes meet with very rare tunes of Jazz Manouche a la Django Reinhardt. With her charismatic voice and in various languages, singer Helga Freude invites to a journey into the goleden swing era. Togehter with Trio Bluesette, she interpretes charming chansons, bold south european Canzone, important songs of Billy Holliday and all of it wrapped in a swinging rhythm that won’t let you keep your feet still. 

Katharina Wibmer           Violin
Helga Freude                    Voice/Guitar
Frank Eisele                      Accordeon
Christian Brinkschmidt   Upright Bass


Friday & Saturday Night: Gentlemen & Gangsters (Gothenburg) 

Gentlemen & Gangsters play hot jazz with all the flair and sophistication of true gentlemen, coupled with the ruthless brutality of hardened gangsters. Like a devious conspiracy from a bygone era, this shady syndicate of jazz kingpins plot for world domination from their secret location in a run down part of Gothenburg. Armed with drumsticks instead of knuckle dusters and trombones instead of tommy guns these deranged masterminds spread mayhem, joy, and decadence wherever they go.

You might have heard about them, you might even recognize some of the members from their more legitimate enterprises, and maybe you thought it was all just a rumor; after all – could such a band really exist? How could society allow it? How could they possibly have escaped the vice squad? Or even disease control, given the infectious jazz music that they are spreading? Well folks, all you need is a speedy getaway vehicle and a secret lair and the contraband jazz business is as easy as pie!


Friday Night: Carolina Reapers Swing

We already know what happens when Carolina Reapers Swing go on stage: the irresistible swing, the explosion of energy, the craziness — and not to forget the exquisite repertoire, the tenderness and the subtlety, the contrasts — and one sure thing: dancing won't stop until that last note is played as they bring one hell of a party.
Fernando Morrison, musician and Lindy Hop dance instructor, called upon his favorite jazz musicians in Montpellier to create this swing dream team.
Four gifted and creative soloists: trumpet and singer Benjamin Faconnier, trombonist Sami Khalfoune, clarinetist David Tavani and saxophonist Mickaël Pernet.
Sofia Swing Dance Festival 2019. Photo credit: Stephanie O'Connor
Behind them, the solid and swinging rhythm section: pianist Joseph Vu Van, guitarist and singer Audrey Leclair, drummer Arthur Defrain, and Fernando Morrison, bassist and band-leader.
Their performances are always surprising, full of inspiration and creativity, and you'll never hear a song played twice the same way. Together they are a group of outstanding musicians and passionate individuals who take it upon themselves to make every Carolina Reapers Swing show a one-of-a-kind experience.

Saturday Night: Swing Shouters

Swing Shouters is a quintet with a powerful and communicative energy who arranges and plays jazz standards from 30’s to 40’s. As the band was born within the dance school Swing & Shout (Tours, France) their music is ideal for swing dancers. With more than 300 gigs under their belt the Swing Shouters had become one of the most popular band of the international Swing community.

Tenor Saxophone - Vocals : Sylvain Roudier
Trombone : Benoist Pasquier
Doublebass - Vocals : Carl Cordelier
Drums : Alban Aupert
Guitar - Vocals : David Ménager

Sunday Night: Laney and the Snappy Rhythm Gang (Stuttgart)

The band Laney and the Snappy Rhythm Gang loves swing music and has been playing it for many years to dance and to listen to. In 2012, singer and dancer Lena "Laney" founded the band with their fellow musician, saxophonist Lajos Bartha, to bring their love of swinging dance music to the world.
Since then, the five musicians, stylishly dressed in the charming vintage style of the swing era, play not only on stages in and around Stuttgart, but also at events all over Germany from Hamburg to Constance as well as in Switzerland and France.
The band celebrates the love of jazz music and swing dance with the classics of the Swing Era, but also with lesser-known treasures of the time. Featuring songs of Fats Waller, Louis Jordan, Ira and George Gershwin, Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman, the band takes their listeners on a journey through the Roaring 20ies, through the years of the Golden Jazz era, to the 50s to Rhythm and Blues. They can often be experienced at the Traditional Jazzhall Stuttgart and at various swing dance festivals - they already played at the "Rock that Swing Festival" in Munich, at the "Is there Hop" in Zurich, the "DecaDance" in Wiesbaden, at the "Harlem Nights" and the "Darktown Strutters Ball" in Frankfurt, at the "Swing Culture Festival" in Stuttgart and the "BB Dance Camp" in Landsberg, as well as at various swing dance parties in France and Switzerland.
The handpicked, excellent professional musicians around the enchanting Laney with her warm and charming voice are
- The pianist, composer and arranger Frank Eberle with his masterful solos
- the saxophonist Lajos Bartha, who characterizes the diversified sound of the band by his variety in the instrument choice - tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone and clarinet - and virtuoso licks and riffs
- Steffen Hollenweger on the double bass – together with Sammy he gives the band the heart, the rhythm – he plays soulful and expressive, sometimes even with slap-bass or bowed solo
- Samuel "Sammy" Brandt on drums, who shines with his rich variety, his enthusiasm and precision

When the musicians have to get at drink at the bar, we have a line up of DJs at the parties ready to keep you dancing!