Workshop Weekend with Remy and Ramona, 24th & 25th of September 2016

Start date of registration: August 2nd, 10 p.m.

Lindy Hop levels:

1 Beginner-Intermediate
2 Intermediate
3 Intermediate- Advanced
Workshops on Saturday
10:30  - Check-In
11:00 - 13:15 - Class 1 - LINDY HOP Beginner-Intermediate
- Lunchbreak -
14:15 - 16:30  - Class 2 - LINDY HOP Intermediate-Advanced
20:00 - Free Taster Class Lindy Hop
20:00 - Free Musicality Class with the Live Band „The Shirt Tail Stompers“
21:00 - 02:00 - Big Swingparty with the Shirt Tail Stompers – Show with Remy & Ramona!

Workshops on Sunday
10:30 - Check-In

11:00 - 13:15 - Class 3 - LINDY HOP Intermediate

- Lunchbreak -  

14:15 - 16:30 - Class 4 - LINDY HOP SPECIAL -- Musicality in dancing -- (Level: Intermediate and higher)

Workshop pricing:
27,- €  (23,- € reduced) per workshop unit (120min)
 Kulturwerk Stuttgart Ostendstr. 106a, 70188 Stuttgart

Registration: Click here and follow the link to our online registration

Musical and inventive dancers individually, Ramona and Remy create eye dazzling magic together. Their 1st place winning piece in the 2015 International Lindy Hop Championship makes your hold your breath, not daring to blink in case you miss one of the unexpected, yet so obviously musical movements!

Ramona Staffeld (Melbourne, Australia)
A young teaching veteran of 13 years, Ramona’s dancing reflects the beauty, rawness, and rhythm, that make lindy hop the best dance in the world. Ramona is known internationally for her wildly graceful style and spontaneity on the dance floor. Her talent was spotted early, for she was only 14 when the late great Frankie Manning asked her to open with him at the Mid-Summer Night Swing series at Lincoln Center.

Ramona calls Melbourne Australia home, but is rarely there due to a busy teaching schedule that takes her to numerous Lindy Hop festivals around the globe.

In class, Ramona values the lead and follow. Her goal is to help students find clarity in their movement, so that they may have more fun and expression on the dance floor. She is perpetually guided by the vision of her greatest teacher, the late Frankie Manning, thank you always. In the end, dancing the lindy hop connects to something greater and beyond the individual. It’s a community force that sustains us through the hard times, and gives us a way to celebrate the joys of our lives.

Remy Kouakou Kouame (Montpellier, France)

Remy is an established competitor, performer and teacher. He made the transition from world champion boogie woogie dancer (with accolades from the French and the World Championships) to convert to lindy hop, to a starring role in the viral music video “Two Cousins” with Ryan Francois.

Remy has also taught many students for many years, travelling to many international camps and festivals, sharing his passion and knowledge. What he likes to share the most is the joy that dancing provides. For him, dancing is… to live… to express!