Landy Hop Party am 13.07.2019

14th Open Air Swing Festival in Zachersmühle Adelberg

For the Landy Hop we will relocate our workshops and Swingparty to the picturesque Zachersmühle, where we will heat up to "Linda Kyei´s Swing Combo" and out extra-ordinary special guest Chester Whitmore!

"Landy Hop" means Lindy Hop dancing in the countryside

The Zachersmühle old mill is a place where nature and culture come together and where kids and families are always welcome. An open air dance floor, children’s playground just next to it, donkeys, goats, bunnies and a small brook on the other side, something to offer for everyone. During breaks between dance classes, you can enjoy a ‘wild herbs hike’ and discover the nature around. The restaurant in the mill offers dining together, the dining times are organized to be suitable for families. There will also be a Tipi set up next to the children’s playground where kids can hide in an unlikely case of worse weather conditions. The harmony with nature will get perfectly complete only if you decide to overnight in a tent on a meadow a few meters behind the mill. In a place like this it is very enjoyable and relaxing to stay for the whole weekend. Overnighting on the meadow is free of charge and open air shower is included. Restroom in the mill restaurant can be used.

Welcome kids!! Welcome families!! 


Linda Kyei´s Swing Combo

Linda Kyei presents her Swing Combo tonight.

She has gathered all the high-carats from the young Stuttgart swing scene. With them, she managed to perfect the warm, crackling, intensive and always relaxed jazzy sound of the old times.
Lindy Kyei, thanks to the delicate dynamics, gets a lot of space for her voice and violin. Together, they will interpret many danceable pearls from the early era of jazz.

Linda Kyei // vocals, violin
Andy Shepherd // guitar
Georg Bomhard // base
Andrew Andrews // drums
Herr Netz // saxophone, clarinet


Chester Whitmore

Entertainer, Choreographer, Dancer, Cinematographer, Stunt Coordinator, Historian of Vernacular Dance in America
A unique dancer, composer, comedian, actor, choreographer, stuntman and band leader, who combines his talents to create surprising performances. He has taught at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Academy as well as lecturing at the renowned Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C., among others across the US, UK and So. America. Mr. Whitmore also has his own well-reputed dance companies, The Black Ballet Jazz Company, and The Central Avenue Dance Review, both specializing in Afro-American Vernacular Dance. Mr. Whitmore is an outstanding teacher & Entertainer, whose knowledge, historical content and media clips upward of over 4,000, as early as the late 1930’s, of tap and Vernacular Jazz is endless. He is also a Grand Master of Hapkido and Japanese Karate.

To get an impression check out video 1, video 2 and video 3.


19.00 - 19.45 Uhr   History talk with CHESTER WHITMORE

Ab 19.45 Uhr          Big swing party with Linda Kyei´s Swing Combo, show feat. CHESTER WHITMORE and DJ K-BIRDY

Entrance fee: 
evening box office: 15 Eur / reduced 12 Eur* / Children free of charge

You can also book tickets in advance via our online booking system, opening May 5th 8 pm for the Landy Hop.

Accommodation possibilities:
Camping on the meadow free of charge with cold water open air shower possible. Rooms from 20 Eur pro person in the near vicinity. For more information contact Geli Holzer, Zachersmühle: Phone: +49 7166 255,

In an unlikely case of worse weather conditions, the dance floor during classes and party is covered by a roof. Workshops and party will take place!

Zachersmühle, 73099 Adelberg (40 km away from Stuttgart)
How to get to Zachersmühle find on the homepage:

*The discount is given to those who still go to school or have a valid student card.