SwingKultur Festival "15th Anniversary"

May 20th - 24th 2020

Please note:
Registration opens January 19th, 2020, 9 pm. 
Registration closes on May 3rd, 2020.

About the Festival

We proudly present the line up of our SwingKultur Anniversary Festival 2020.
We have invited incredible teachers to teach Lindy Hop, Balboa, Shag and Authentic Jazz in Stuttgart and, for sure, you have heard of them before:

Mikaela & Nicolas!
Anne-Hélène & Bernard!
Eglé & Arnas!

For each night, at least one live band will make your feet move all night long. This year, for you we have invited some of the most well-known Swing Dance Bands from Sweden and France to Stuttgart as well as our local heroes:

Gentlemen & Gangsters!
Swing Shouters!
Carolina Reapers Swing!
Laney and the Snappy Rhythm Gang!
Iris Oettinger Swingtett!

To satisfy your need in cultural experiences we did set up a nice supporting programm, uncluding a city tour in a vintage bus, a gastronomic treat tour, different tasters also outside of your usual swing dance unsiverse and much more.

Mark that date in your calender and feel warmly invited to Stuttgart!

Yours SwingKultur Stuttgart Team



If you are for whatever reason still not in the mood yet, watch the videos of our SwingKultur Anniversary Festival 2015 and the Festival 2017. Continue browsing to our photos and videos of the Festival 2016, photos and Videos of 2017 and photos und Videos of 2018 (not the different subpages of the photos and videos of 2016).